Blow Up



卢卡斯·皮尔迈尔Lukas Pürmayr & 王艾Wang Ai 

反思表面 reflecting on surfaces 


Exhibition Opening: Video

For the presentation of their works at Hinterseer Space in Caochangdi two artists went on to a deeper research on the subject of surfaces. While Lukas Pürmayr (*1994 born in Ehenbichl/Tyrol) sticked to his common medium of photography, Wang Ai (born 1971 in Zhejiang Province) recently experimented in a new technique with glass pearls, which are lead over painted surfaces, modifying the perception through blurred forms and light. 


Pürmayr’s technique bears witness to the skilful application of analogue photography on 35mm film, fascinating colours and synthetic materiality. His „Blow Up“ Series shows anonymous details which he found during a stroll through the famous Vienna Prater in 2020. Pürmayr goes in search of traces, isolates tiny details in the lens of his camera and presents them as heroes of his photography.

His works are juxtaposed with two light boxes and paintings of Wang Ai, whose philosophy is deeply rooted in the chinese tradition, combining an international language in the use of his techniques with the philosophy of buddhism.  


As in Michelangelo Antonioni's 1966 film "Blow Up" (春光乍現), individual details are observed, isolated and brought to oversized dimensions. For both artists, the texture, its colours and material form a key to the perception of their work.