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卢卡斯·皮尔迈尔Lukas Pürmayr 

Love on Terrace - 50 Shanghai

Untill March 2022

On this lovely warm autumn in Shanghai, Love On Terrace's space at M50 welcomes its second project in collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum in China: the photographic series "Lollipop" by Austrian artist Lukas Pürmayr, who uses microscopic photography to capture the unseen details of the well known amusement park Prater in Vienna. Just as the lollipop which is a universal term for something sweet and colorful, the photo series of Lukas Pürmayr is referring on our experience with different surfaces, which can be explored by their warm or cold surface, their structure and the intense colors which are related with them -- these are the traditional dimensions of our “dialogue” with the surfaces.

Yet more than that, in the presentation of these "surfaces", the artist tries to expand and subvert these ordinary dimensions through two sets of alienation: On the one hand, the artist uses the rich colors offered by 35mm analogue photography to inject an organic life into the inorganic materials that photographed. On the other hand, the microscopic framing and extreme details take materiality away from these "surfaces", and creating a sense of disconnection from reality, as if one were in a dream.


The idea of this exhibition was initiated when Juliet, the founder of Love On Terrace, was introduced to Lukas Pürmayr's works through curator Ms. Alexandra Grimmer in early 2021. The gorgeous colors and extraordinary textures in the final presentation, as well as the vibrant energy flowing through them, can further stimulate the viewer's imagination and creativity. This "liberation" from the senses to the mind perfectly coincides with Love On Terrace's philosophy.

Blow Up



卢卡斯·皮尔迈尔Lukas Pürmayr & 王艾Wang Ai 

反思表面 reflecting on surfaces 


Exhibition Opening: Video

The ideal of Love On Terrace is to create a comprehensive and enriching source of inspiration and reference for creative expression, and in doing so to map our sensory experiences into our consciousness. Lukas Prümayr's photographs can be seen as the perfect bridge or medium to accomplish such an ideal. More importantly, this union is not to copy the intension of the label and to transfer the term of sensuality and desire into an artwork, but to leave some open space for interpretation and thus to inspire and to expand our experience.


This sensual experience of breaking down the inherent dimensions and boundaries is similar to what we feel in game of erotica: the combination and exchange between warm flesh and cold props in fetishism, and the connection and flow of love and pain in sadomasochism, allow us to break away from the limits of our senses and reach a certain transcendence.

About Love On Terrace

Love On Terrace is a special space in Shanghai M50 Creative Park. Founded in 2018, the brand been venturing in bringing feminism and free expression of eroticism into a more consequent level of our daily lives. The founder Mrs Juliet Peng Wenjing and her team together with its many partners are equally addressing people with different genders and sexualities, searching to enlarge their conscience and experience in life on many different levels. Contemporary art is a very relevant tool in the development of personality and taste and due to this, it is taking an essential part in the philosophy of Love on Terrace.


By contributing different artist positions to the set up of the store, its products and mindset, Love on Terrace opening up a window to different interpretations of erotism and the wide palette of our senses.

在上海温暖的深秋, 露台Love On Terrace位于M50的空间迎来了第二个与奥地利驻华文化处的第二个合作项目:奥地利艺术家Lukas Pürmayr的摄影系列“棒棒糖(Lollipop)”。此次展出的系列是Pürmayr用微观摄影捕捉的一处古老游乐园中不为人知的细节。就像是“棒棒糖”令人联想到普遍意义上甜美并色彩缤纷的事物,Lukas Pürmayr的这一组摄影也唤起了我们与不同“表面”接触的经验:或冷或暖的触感、不同的结构、以及各异的色彩,这些是我们与“表面”进行对话的传统维度。


不仅如此, 在对这些“表面”的呈现中,艺术家试图通过两组异化(alienation)来拓展与颠覆我们熟知的这些维度:一方面,艺术家运用传统35mm胶片摄影所提供的丰富色彩,为所拍摄的无机物材质注入一种有机的生命力,另一方面,微观的取景和极端的细节又将这些“表面”从真实的物质性中抽离,产生了某种与现实的断裂感,令人仿佛置身梦幻。


此次展览的契机是2021年年初露台的主理人Juliet通过策展人Alexandra Grimmer女士的引荐接触到Lukas Pürmayr这系列的创作作品。作品在最终呈现中的绚烂色泽和奇异质感,以及其中流淌着的鲜活能量,能够进一步激发观者的想象力和创造力。这种从感官延伸到思维的“解放”恰好与露台Love On Terrace的理念不谋而合。


露台Love on Terrace的理想是创造出一个广泛而丰富的灵感源泉和参考体系来进行创作表达,并以此将我们的官能体验映射到我们的思维意识之中,而Lukas Pürmayr的摄影作品恰好可以视作实现这样一种理想的完美桥梁或媒介。更重要的,这次的联合并非意图和形式的简单复制并将其嫁接到艺术作品当中,而是为进一步的诠释打开了空间,并由此启发和拓展我们的体验。






露台Love on Terrace是位于上海M50艺术园区的一个独特空间。创立于2018年,露台作为一个品牌一直试图更进一步地将女性主义与情欲的自由表达带入我们的日常生活。创始人Juliet和她的团队以及其众多合作伙伴们致力于寻求如何在不同的维度帮助所有性别的人拓展他们知性和感性的边界。而当代艺术正是这条道路上的一个重要助力,也构成了露台Love on Terrace关键的精神内核。


通过将不同的艺术家以及他们的视野引入自己的空间布局和商品陈列,Love on Terrace为我们呈现出了对情欲和官能的独特理解和诠释。


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