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Photo by Birdhead鸟头

Alexandra Grimmer is an independent curator and publicist, based in Vienna, Stockholm and Beijing. Born 1976 in Austria, she holds a PhD in Musicology and Esthetics from University in Graz/Austria and Paris 8/France. Alexandra Grimmer was running Ernst Hilger Gallery in Paris, Lingsheng Art Foundation Beijing. She worked as a deputy director of Galerie Lelong Zurich. 

Recent projects include the Salon exhibitions, talks and performances at Museum Angerlehner in Austria (since 2014), The Hell Fire Dining Club at Three on the Bund Shanghai (2010), Die Wiedergeburt der Unsterblichkeit无常之常 - 42 artists from China (2015), The Crocodile in the Pond 池中有鳄 (2016) and performances in between contemporary music and art with Bartosz Sikorski, Aleksander Gabryś, Rafał Zalech and others. 

In collaboration with galleries, she builds up careers of artists and consults private and corporate collections.

亚历山大.格里梅(Alexandra Grimmer)女士是一位独立策展人和媒体人,居住在斯德哥尔摩和北京两地。她拥有奥地利格拉茨大学(Graz)与巴黎第八大学(Paris 8)的乐理学(Musicology)和美学(Esthetics)两个博士学位。格里梅女士曾在巴黎负责Ernst Hilger画廊,担任北京Lingsheng艺术基金会的国际项目部主任,以及苏黎世Lelong画廊的总监。

她近年来的主要策划包括奥地利Angerlehner美术馆的定期策展(2014年至今);与西科尔斯基(Bartosz Sikorski),加布利斯(Aleksander Gabryś), 扎莱奇(Rafał Zalech)等音乐和艺术界著名人士合作的“池中有鳄(Crocodile in the Pond)”(2016);与42位中国艺术家合作的“无常之常(Die Wiedergeburt der Unsterblichkeit)”(2015);以及在上海外滩3号开展的“地狱火(Hell Fire Dining Club)”跨界艺术活动(2010)等。


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