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Podcast # 2: Blow up!

Photo artist Lukas Pürmayr meets  Boris Rewald

Austrian photo artist Lukas Pürmayr meets Professor Boris Rewald from the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna. The protagonists share a common theme. From the point of view of sustainability, they take a partly melancholic, partly concerned look at surfaces, here in particular at surfaces made of wood. The podcasts generated from the event tell of the natural strength and beauty that surfaces emanate. Nevertheless, especially in relation to wood as a resource, they make its vulnerability and finiteness vividly tangible for the listener.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-24 um

Lukas Pürmayr

The artist takes the viewer of his photographs “Blow Up” to places that are familiar to him. Once there, he is greeted by a washed-out, even strange familiarity. “It is not bad there, but so different to what I remembered”. Above all, Lukas Pürmayr reflects the feelings, experiences and situations that the texture of surfaces can trigger.

Lukas Pürmayr Podcast
00:00 / 18:53

Boris Rewald

Boris Rewald is Associate Professor at the University of Natural Resources Vienna (BOKU Wien) where he is in charge for the topic of forest ecology. His view on surfaces, here on wood in particular, adds to the value of this podcast series. As a scientist he takes the listener into the woods. The forest is a habitat in danger all over the world. Illegal deforestation, drought and vermin contribute to global climate change. How are the Austrian forests doing? 

Boris Rewald Podcast
00:00 / 34:18
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