Podcast # 1: Water, what?

Photo artist Marko Zink meets Zhou Lei and Charlene Ren


"Water, what?" marks the kick-off of the sustainability dialogue series "Let's talk future". In Guangzhou, austrian photo artist Marko Zink meets water researcher Zhou Lei and water activist Charlene Ren. Through different lenses, they take a stand on the state of the earth using water as a resource as an example.

Marko ZINK
Servus and ni hao! In our podcast “Lets talk future” Marko Zink gives an insight into one of his latest art works “Swimmer”. He speaks about the unique beauty of water being not only a continuous snapshot, but at the same time a vital basis for human existence.

The Chinese scientist, anthroposoph and founder Zhou Lei shows passion, commitment, and outstanding knowledge when it comes to the topic of water. He teaches at the school of oceanography at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and is the director of the Oriental Danology Institute.


Charlene REN
The Chinese founder and a clean water advocate Charlene Ren underlines the fragility of water and the importance of drinking water. Charlene Ren developed an application that helps people living in rural areas of China to understand about the access to clean water. Charlene Ren studied at the MIT and was rewarded the title Young Champion of the Earth by the UN Environment Program in 2020. She runs MyH20, a data platform for clean water based in Beijing.